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We are finally selling much of our Anheuser-Busch/Budweiser steins collection. Most of the steins have never been display and all are in near mint condition. The only thing preventing them from a mint classification is a little dust and the fingerprints from removing them from their boxes to take pictures for this website. All of the steins come in their original boxes. All of the pictures are of the actual steins - we don't believe in "borrowing" the pictures from other websites. And all of the descriptions found for the steins are either transcribed from the stein's box or from the Anheuser-Busch Steins Official Collector's Guide, for consistency and accuracy in the descriptions.

We believe the prices we have listed for our steins are fair - we are selling our steins, not giving them away. Please shop around to compare. If you still don't agree with our pricing, just contact us and we will see what we can do to entertain your offer. All sales will be billed through PayPal, though we will accept money orders by arrangement. Shipping will be through USPS or UPS, extra insurance is optional.

Please take a look at what we have to offer. If you have any questions or comments, contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

CS81 1988 Winter Olympic Games Stein

This lidded stein pays tribute to the 1988 Winter Olympic Games hosted by Calgary, Canada. The vivid artwork depicts exciting Olympic events such as skiing, speed skating and ice hockey. The detailed band at top features shields from participating countries.

CS91 1988 Bud Summer Olympic Games Stein

This commemorative stein honors the athletes competing in the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. The relief stein depicts Olympic events including swimming, boxing and track and field. The blue band at bottom is decorated with shields from many of the countries that participated in the events. This stein also features a pewter lid with thumbrest.

N6003 Indianapolis 500 Stein

1996 Indianapolis 500 stein. This 5 1/4" stein was made in Germany by Gerz. Features older race cars in 5 cameos on the stein. History of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is found on bottom of the stein. Individually numbered.

CS211 The 1994 Budweiser Holiday Stein - Hometown Holiday

Longtime Anheuser-Busch stein artist Bud Kemper provides the inspiration for the 15th edition in the Budweiser Holiday Stein Series. The detailed illustration features a delighted American family admiring the Budweiser Clydesdale hitch, which has come to town for Christmas.

CS58 The 1983 Budweiser Holiday Stein - Cameo Wheatland Design

The 1983 Budweiser Holiday Stein, Cameo Wheatland Design, details include a wheatland barrel shaped design that highlights the beautiful Clydesdales with two colorful images of the 8 Horse Hitch shown inside white cameo frames.

CS70 The 1987 Budweiser Holiday Stein - Grants Farm Gates

The 1987 Budweiser Holiday Stein, Grants Farm Gates, features the Clydesdales with the Grants Farm gates in the background. A scalloped accent design traces the top and handle of the stein. The words Collectors Series, 1987 is in the lower right hand side of the stein.

CB23 Club Members Only Stein - 2002 Edition - "1872 & 1886-1889"

Known around the world as a symbol of Anheuser-Busch, the A&Eagle appears in its first two versions on this richly detailed, 11 1/2" tall ceramic relief stein. The 1872 A&Eagle - the design first registered with the U.S. Patent Office - is shown on one side, while the 1886-1889 A&Eagle appears on the other.

CB26 Club Members Only Stein - 2003 Edition - "1890 & 1895-1898"

The well-known Anheuser-Busch A&Eagle appears in two 19th Century versions on the ceramic relief stein. The 1890 A&Eagle is featured on one side and the 1895-1898 A&Eagle on the other.

CS530 A Proud Heritage Stein - Signed by Jim Wainwright

The first-ever Anheuser-Busch Exclusive Event Piece, celebrates the strength and beauty of The World Famous Budweiser® Clydesdales. The stein's bottom stamp includes The International Gift & Collectible Expo logo, event date and host city.

CB10 Membership Stein 1999 - "The Golden Age of Brewing, Circa 1898"

A look at the early years of brewing is recreated on this 1999 Membership Stein. An illustration of the Anheuser-Busch Brew House is flanked by beer bottles and an A&Eagle logo. The sides f the stein showcase the delivery aspect of the brewery -- steamboats and railroad cars. The handle is in the shape of the famous pocketknife used by Adolphus Busch as his calling card.

CB14 Membership Stein 2000 - "Born To Greatness"

This Membership Stein chronicles the life of a Clydesdale named Mike and his aspiration to one day join the World Famous Budweiser Clydesdale hitch team. Illustrations depict Mike as a foal with his mother Micaela and as the hitch member he may become. The stein is topped with a pewter lid and sculpted Clydesdale head. Detailed scrollwork decorates the handle.

CB21 Membership Stein 2002 - "Busch's Inn"

Built in 1914, Busch's Inn was the first restaurant opened by Anheuser-Busch. This stein recreates all the Inn's features -- stucco facade with exposed timbers, clapboard roof, stork's nest atop the roof and more. Neighborhood sights are also included, such as a livery and blacksmith's shop, homes, church steeples -- as well as residents and tradesmen, like the Budweiser deliveryman and Innkeeper.

CB7 Membership Stein 1998 - "Old World Heritage"

The subject of this exquisite Membership Stein is the legacy of quality beer brewing at Anheuser-Busch and the people who made it possible. Three full color illustrations depict early workers who contributed to the brewing process. Surrounding the artwork is delicate scrollwork in ceramic relief. The rising pewter lid is etched with a hop and barley motif.


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